Merry Go Round

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This is it. After all these years, this is the track I always wanted to write. I couldn’t be more proud.



© 2016 Published by XMO Music ®

After 2 years of writer’s block, this happened. It’s all about everything else that’s out there. It’s about the possibilities…and the voyager who seeks them.


I Don’t Know

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This is a great track with a groove that keeps you moving. The lyrics were written to accompany soothing vocals and groovy metrics within the song. It was also released on an electronica compilation CD put together by Music Selection.


Dry Your Eyes

© 2014 Published by XMO Music ®

This is a track that, well…speaks for itself. I know, I know…I got a little emotional on this one. I went out on a limb, but I really felt like trying something new with my voice. I think it sounds great! Let’s just hope she appreciates it…



© 2014 Published by XMO Music ®

01. Back To Life  |  02. Run With Me  |  03. 17 Freaks  |  04. Humanize  |  05. Earth From The Well

“Run With Me” was actually called “Romeo” and was written while I was living in Stockholm back in 2008. There are about 7 or 8 different versions of the song, I just never really thought any of the versions were complete until I did this one.

Following The Battle Of Ecliptylae, these tracks are…well, upbeat. It was intended that they be more musical creations than poetic presentations. The beat is prominent in each track, and the music itself often conveys a sense of lunacy. When I did these tracks, I was in a state where my mind seemed to be all over the place, so I think it naturally came out in the music itself. Although it started off as a set of tracks, 4 were eventually disregarded because they just didn’t feel right.



℗ 2013 All Made Records ®
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“Message” is a groovy single, a result of a collaborative effort between 17Kings and Pier Boston. The original version by Pier Boston can also be found on iTunes Store.


The Battle Of Ecliptylae: Year 2

© 2011 Published by XMO Music ®

01. We Ride  |  02. Bang The Drum  |  03. Scandinavian  |  04. We Need Angels  |  05. The Logical Choice

“Scandinavian” was inspired by Sweden and its culture. Ironically, most people that heard Year 2 before its public release, said that the ideas seemed quite optimistic.

Year 2 shows a change in ideals, opinions and principles. Where Year 1 expresses emotion, Year 2 promotes logic. Year 1 speaks out to the public and warns society of an evil that approaches, an evil that is willing to pay the consequences for its sins, as long as it may keep the profits. Instead, Year 2 speaks of revelations after years of battle. It speaks of middle class hypocrisy and expresses one of the most difficult ideas for the human race to comprehend today, that more than likely…there is no hope.
The emotional guy disagrees with the logical guy for one reason alone, because the emotional guy can’t find the solution in the other guy’s logic. What the logical guy tries to explain to the emotional guy, is that logic offers serenity, however serenity doesn’t necessarily offer a solution and thus, it may just be…that there is no solution to our problems. The paradox is that you must think logically in order to be emotionally stable.


The Battle Of Ecliptylae: Year 1

© 2011 Published by XMO Music ®

01. The Emotional Choice  |  02. Our Battle Cry  |  03. Sirens Sing  |  04. She’s Angelica  |  05. Spartan

“Erin” on A God Among Insects was actually the inspiration for most of the tracks in this set. All the vocal tracks for The Battle of Ecliptylae were recorded in an attic with a temperature of 5°C, not by choice, simply due to limitations.

The lyrics in The Battle of Ecliptylae series have a great impact on the listener. Though explicit lyrics aren’t used, your ears are drawn to certain words that were chosen wisely, similar to the lyrics in “Erin” on A God Among Insects. Year 1 speaks of emotion, the same emotion that drives us at an early age to fight, to speak our minds. The messages within the lyrics, heavily inspired by the ongoing economic depression, are direct and optimistic. However, man does change over time, what makes the words he says at the end of his journey so special…is the comparison of what words he said at the beginning.


A God Among Insects

© 2009 Published by XMO Music ®

01. Eva  |  02. Marta  |  03. Cristina  |  04. Stella  |  05. Erin  |  06. Sheila  |  07. Grace  |  08. Karin  |  09. Zelda  |  10. Sofia

Most of the songs on this album were written on a classical guitar, hence the many arpeggios. All the titles are women’s names because, well they’re just pretty names aren’t they…

The idea was to be more organic while maintaining an electronic feel. In this album, more real instruments were introduced and fewer effects were added. Although a few songs have repetitive lyrics, each song has character. Overall, there was no intention to communicate a unique message. Where the statements in Illusionism seem to end with question marks, the messages in this album are shouted out with confidence, sometimes arrogantly.



© 2009 Published by XMO Music ®

01. Prelude  |  02. The Sleepless Paranoia |  03. Energetically Tired  |  04. Heroin  |  05. A Time Of Illusionism

“Prelude” was written exclusively for EP. The other tracks were actually taken from Illusionism and thus were produced much earlier than EP’s release date.

The decision to release EP was based on the idea of existence. As the internet grows and plays a bigger role in our society, an artist’s existence can more easily be known of. Officially releasing material has played a big part in expanding the already existing fan base and simply marketing the music to those unaware of it.



© 2007 Published by XMO Music ®

01. Eternal Guests  |  02. Lover  |  03. Love Her  |  04. Mystique  |  05. Read My Mind  |  06. She’s Red  |  07. Zoom In  |  08. Zoom Out  |  09. Avila

All the songs were originally written as orchestral music, thus, the versions released on the album were remixes adapted for the electronica genre. “She’s Red” was actually completely written in a meeting room at Sun Microsystems over the course of a month.

The lyrics discuss the difficult issues we confront everyday (work, love, personal satisfaction, wealth, health) and how we deal with these issues. The words speak of the temptation and how vulnerable we can be due to certain circumstances. The album speaks of hope; hope that we will make the right decisions when the moment comes. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and instead a large part of society chooses to create illusions in order to escape from certain inevitable truths. There seems to be a certain ‘entity’ working against us and our true nature, but holding strong, we can fight that system that tries to deny us of happiness on a daily basis.