The Emotional Choice

Dry those tears and look at me…
This is it.
I need you to trust me when I tell you that there is still hope.
You’re not a failure.
You’re still young.
You’re not useless.
We need you.
I won’t let them get to you,
but I need you to believe in me.
Now, stay still, listen carefully…
when you hear my signal, go!

Sirens Sing

Strap me down cuz I’m gonna go crazy.
String it tight cuz they’re gonna sing to me.
Write this down, that no matter what I say,
don’t change the course because it’s just what they want.
So, what they do is take what means most.
It’s temptation to make my life easy
and even though I can be strong,
I am only man…capable of sin.
Strap me down cuz I don’t wanna hurt you.
String it tight so I cannot break loose and
don’t change course because that’s just what they want.
Then wake me up when it’s all over for me.
It’s our lives they want to live.
Open your eyes they cannot win.
Be strong, be wise because they’re gonna
con you with their last device.
Say “No!” Write “No!” Think “No! You won’t get the best of me
cuz I can make up my own mind without your
help, your price, or your fantasy!”
Hold on tight cuz it’s gonna get shaky.
Cover your ears because they’ll turn you against me.
Don’t listen to whatever they tell you…
1 slave left 17 kings returned.
Sirens sing…
Can you hear the sirens sing?

She’s Angelica

My angel says I’m gonna beat this.
My angel cares about my weakness.
She renders me human,
and keeps my feet on the ground.
My angel looks like a goddess.
My angel moves with grace.
She doesn’t just want my body,
but the scars that cover me.
My angel take what you need from me.
My angel please don’t go,
because I want you,
I need you now.
She’s angelica.
She’s angelica.
Her body shines like the sun,
but she won’t open her eyes.
I don’t know what I should do,
this kiss won’t bring her back to me.
My angel saw the good in me.
My angel now lives through me.
She’s that twinkle in my eye,
and will always be.
My angel gave herself to me.
A naked goddess stood in front of me,
and I could not believe my eyes,
she said she wanted to feel what I feel.


These words while we walk: This is not who I thought we’d be fighting and calling the worst of us.
I could have never imagined the day we’d be marching against our own blood and the same people that taught us to be a good person and to do no harm regardless of the harm that is done to you.
This is what you need to see…
Nothing’s as it seems to be.
Come on follow me,
I’ll take you to a place where you can believe.
Come on follow me,
I’ll take you to a place where you will be free.
Forget what they told you, forget what we went through, forget all the lies that they fed you to keep from asking the right question, “Why do you need to control a whole world if it’s not even yours?”
Take a good look at the stars,
what if they weren’t so far?